Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's THAT Simple...I'll be damned

So I'm sitting here, and I'm literally dumbfounded (yeah, yeah I hear ya). I've read, and keep going over several parts of Athol's book


I can't believe I'm such an idiot.

I've been back in the gym, lifting and doing cardio every morning before work, and I can't believe the difference in my mood, my appearance, my entire OUTLOOK.  I took Athol's advice...I went and picked up some different pants to wear to work, bought a few nice shirts, and dug out a few I haven't worn in awhile. People I've worked with for years are coming up to me and asking;

"What's different? Did you lose some weight? Are those new clothes? Did you cut your hair?"

The majority of these comments / questions are of course coming from women that work around me.  Now I'm not mentioning this in a "beat my chest" sort of way...but then again..

"Why NOT?"

My wife has been talking about starting to exercise.  She still hasn't yet. Granted she had to take the kid to an appointment one day, another day she was fielding calls from a person she works with early that morning (Note to self: Most all workplaces have their fair share of drama.  Sometimes when you are trying to HELP, you end up biting off a whole lot more than you want to chew - end NOTE)

But my point, yes I do have one, is that I can SEE how tired she is.  And I guarantee you, a week ago, I was acting the same way. Getting home from work, doing the things I had to do, then sitting around....feeling like shit and just tired with LIFE in general.  My wife called just now and I tried to tell her how much better I feel.  I simply told her, you NEED to exercise. Just DO it. Make time for of sentence.  

I know some guys, and women, are thinking...

"That's stupid. Your wife is feeling pressured."

WELL DUH!!!! She should be feeling pressured.  That's what Athol is talking about, in essence.  Not the Guilt turning into Resentment, then Anger pressure, but the "Holy shit, I can see the difference in him. My God. What hell am I doing?" pressure.

This stupiphany (yes I made it up...figure it out. If you can't...well...not sure what to tell you) makes feel better than I have in a long time, but at the same time I do feel a bit of anxiety

I can make the changes I NEED to make, in me - FOR ME, and hopefully this will spur changes in the way my wife interacts with me. 

But there is a very real chance that she won't rise up to the challenge. There is a very real chance that it will take a serious sit down talk, or more likely writing a letter to let her know where I stand. 

To let her know how I feel regarding her and our marriage.  

To let her know what I NEED and EXPECT from her, AS MY WIFE.

And lastly, but most importantly, that she has two CHOICES:

A. She can choose to be my WIFE. She can choose to provide the things that only she can provide to me, her husband.

B. She can CHOOSE not to provide these things.

Of course I would definitely prefer option A. I love my wife.  I want to stay married to my wife.  But I can't stay married to a woman who doesn't WANT to be a wife to me.

I'm not saying it's her fault. This isn't about fault. Maybe she just isn't attracted to me anymore.  The large portion of that blame would fall on my shoulders.  I wouldn't be attracted to me either, if how I acted and looked to feel, is reflected by how I see her now.

Not that I'm not still attracted to my wife.  Hell, I'd move into a trailer park and make sex our CAREER if I could. That's not the point.

I know that a major part of the issue is that she doesn't FEEL GOOD ABOUT HERSELF.  And at risk of being blunt (Who the hell am I kidding...I'm always blunt.) 

I cannot MAKE her do anything.  I cannot force her to get up and exercise and make her FEEL better about herself. I cannot make her do the things I want.  And the big one for me at least....


That's scary stuff right there.  Whether we will ever admit or not, most of us, male, female, husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, most ALL of us do it.

We think that our job is to make the other happy.  It simply doesn't work like that.  We can ADD to their happiness...or TAKE AWAY from their happiness by how we are, how we act, how we treat them etc...but we CANNOT make them "HAPPY".  It just simply won't work.

The harder you try, the more you'll bleed as you butt your head up against that immovable object.

Every person has their own issues. When they enter a relationship, they bring those issues with them.  If they don't deal with them directly, those issues don't go away.  They may fade for awhile.  They may stay below the surface for a time.  But when life brings them back down to Earth from that endorphin high of love and romance...when they realize they are the SAME person they were BEFORE the relationship, the issues will normally come back to the surface.

It's like taking a backpack and strapping it on the day you are born.  Every time you have something happen to you in your life, something that can shape the way you look at yourself or others, something than affects your's JUST Like throwing a pebble in that backpack.

By itself, or just a few of them together is no big deal.  You can carry that backpack all day, no sweat.  But year after year, pebble after pebble, the weight gets heavier and heavier.  If at some point you don't MAKE yourself stop and empty the backpack, eventually the load will be TOO much to carry.

Now this isn't some impending thing coming down on my life...on my marriage. I'm simply trying to empty the backpack. Stop toting it around for no good reason.  And I hope, with all my mind and soul, that my wife will eventually empty hers out as well....even if she needs help doing it.  But if she doesn't...eventually she simply won't be able to keep up with me as I move forward.  Her load will have gotten too heavy.

It's not an overnight thing.  You can't go to the gym for a week, get some new clothes, get a haircut and start changing some of the stupid things you've been doing (over and over and over) and expect your wife, or husband, to simply jump up and exclaim:

"Oh my god..that's so great.  Here I come."

They are USED to you acting a certain way.  You have ESTABLISHED a pattern of behavior, whether you know it or not.  You have to BREAK that pattern, and ESTABLISH a NEW one.

So I'm working on my WEAK areas, as instructed.  I've got plenty.  But I know if I take them on, ONE BY ONE (just like I picked them up, it didn't happen all at once) I will eventually come to point where I know it's time for my wife to follow and do the same..or not.  The point is that choice will be HERS.  When that time comes, I MUST know that I've done everything I can to change the direction of our relationship.  And I'm definitely not at that point yet.

I can't even see the light at the end of the tunnel yet. 

But at least now I know I'm IN a TUNNEL, and it does have an exit.


  1. Good show. You're starting to feel the power of the Red Pill. It only gets better from here.

    A few bits of advice:

    1. When you have made a noticeable change in your physique, without consulting her go buy yourself at least three or four sets of new clothes, and a pair of new shoes. Buy a suit, too. Don't ask her permission, her advice, or her input. Both the sudden departure from the norm and the visible change will have an affect on your wife. A powerful one, even.

    2. Consider a new hair style, or a departure from your normal facial hair style. Pay the extra couple of bucks for a real stylist. Another pronounced visible change without her input or advice.

    3. If you haven't started charting her menstrual cycle, do so at once. Pay attention for a month and see how her reactions vary. This is far more important than Athol makes it out -- and he stresses it.

    4. Just when you start to notice her looking at you funny, confused and perplexed at all of these changes, show up to her work unexpectedly and bring lunch for her, something you made yourself, for no damn good reason. Let her co-workers see you show up and pay her attention. Trust me, if you can make it work, it has a powerful effect.

    1. 1. The clothes sound right on..I was already thinking the same thing.

      2. The hair style..I actually already did it. My wife cuts my hair, has for 15 years. My hair grows like crazy. I still keep it pretty short (ex-military) and just the other day I asked her to pretty much take it all off. I like it...

      3. I'm still trying to figure "The Cycle" out....see she was on the pill for a LONG time. She pretty much stopped menstruating. She had her tubes tied last year...and she's getting down to regular again..for awhile her system went nuts.

      4. Well I've already done that a good bit. Being she works 3pm-11pm it means me showing up with her dinner. I've done it for Valentine's day, birthday etc...her friends regularly tell her how lucky she is.

  2. 5. Wash her car (if she has one) without her asking.

    6. When she asks you WTF is going on, finally (and she will) just give her a long, serious look, say "I'm handling my business," kiss her and make yourself scarce.

    7. Find a Tai Chi Chuan DVD and start learning it. Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art, but a really slow and easy one. Why? Not only does it improve your balance and your workouts, you can do it in your living room and even big tubby guys can look graceful and manly doing it. It has also been known to be a DHV.

    8. Find two men you think could use it and get them to go to Athol's site and buy his book. No, really. Spread the word.

    9. Give her an unsolicited backrub with no expectation of sex. It produces higher oxytocin levels (all skin contact does) and it releases tension. Then you walking away after you're done will also confuse the hell out of her.

    10. As for your "size issue", there is a solution. Go back to the hardware store and head to the plumbing aisle. Find foam pipe insulation in the proper size. Now experiment with cutting off a piece just large enough to act as a "bumper" around your tower of power, so you won't batter her cervix so badly. That should extend the range of positions you can comfortably achieve.

    Good luck! I'll be keeping tabs.

    1. I've never thought of the foam insulation trick. That I will have to try.

    2. "I'm handling my business." Great line. Very cool. I'm going to use this. My fiance has asked me a couple times what's been up with me lately (learned game early january, been running the MAP), and I didn't know how to respond.